You deserve to know what's really happening in your business. Having bad data or no data at all can be frustrating, misleading, and result in making the wrong decisions. Acceles shows you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Our team digs into the details of your company so we completely understand how the business works. Then, we collaborate with your team to design, build, test, and implement Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) systems that solve your challenges. Once everything is rolled out, we provide your staff with training and support to transfer knowledge from our team to yours.


Our team manages the project from beginning to end to keep everything running smoothly. It’s our job to make sure the final product does exactly what you need it to do and stays within your scope, budget, and timeline.

Primary Development Assistance

We design and implement your BI and EPM solutions using an iterative and incremental approach. This process starts with analyzing your business and technical requirements. Then, we develop a project plan, design and develop your system, and test it before launch.


When it comes to software and processes, one size doesn’t fit all. Occasionally, you may need help with a certain part of the process, such as project management, design, training, upgrades after implementation, or system performance reviews. Acceles provides select assistance in these situations to take the burden off your shoulders and offer special expertise where needed.

Accelerated Training Assistance

When deadlines are tight or there is too much work to accomplish in a short period of time, Acceles supplements your typical coaching by training someone on your staff to teach the rest of your team how to use the new software and processes. We also collaborate with you to develop documentation and materials for future reference and training.

Remote Administration and Support Services

Implementing new software and processes isn’t always a smooth road. When difficult situations arise that require special knowledge and assistance, Acceles comes to the rescue. Whether you require a full implementation or just some additional help with administration and support, our team has you covered.


When an employee is on leave for an extended period of time, it can leave your staff overwhelmed and strapped for help. Instead of going through the process of hiring and training a temporary employee, Acceles hits the ground running and relieves your stress by providing an extra pair of hands with administration until your team member returns.

Remote Administration and Support

If you don’t have the in-house staff or expertise needed to support your BI and EPM, our Remote Administration and Support services are the perfect solution. Together, our teams define the set of services you would like help with. Then, we manage them remotely so you get the information you need without hiring new employees.
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